Danny Canterbury and the Jacobean Chronicle: Wourndflearst

‘Barely able to control his shaking hand, Danny Canterbury opened the leather bound book, pressed his pencil against the page, and began to write.’

This is a thunderous thriller set amid the capitals of Europe, America’s national parks and the small seaside town of Amberleigh.

When bookworm Eva Acacia wins a place at Oxford University to study joint honours in History and Astrophysics, she discovers both friendship and romance. Having grown up in an ancient beamed lodge in Yorkshire, Eva is curious both about the past and the future of the world and the universe, and is drawn to the few people who can both engage her mind and seduce her soul. When she meets Ufai Velia in the university library one day she is outwardly defensive but inwardly confused by her own instinctive attraction. Their encounter ends in an agreement to meet for a date, which progresses to a romantic apotheosis at a college ball.

Enraptured by their newfound love, and intellectually curious about European culture, Ufai and Eva agree to go interrailing together one summer. However when they are cornered in a Venice alleyway by two robbers, Eva discovers shades of darkness in her new boyfriend. These wounded fears threaten to overwhelm her conscience and define not only her destiny but also that of her unborn child, Danny Canterbury.

A feast of words, this novel is written in a mixture of first and third person narratives, stream of consciousness, poetry, letters and free prose.

The final book of Dominic Jericho’s coming-of-age series delivers all the answers to the mystery behind Danny’s quest. When the final page is turned Danny’s adventures come to a collapsing end in a way only he can write.

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