Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove

sfatsg thrill 3d“The snow dropped on the Orb like a huge blanket of love and we rolled around in it like it was a lake of white chocolate and then cuddled up for warmth. That was when it happened, when she did it. It tasted nice, like softness. Softer than snow, warmer than heaven.”

Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove is an intriguing mystery set amid the pale snow of a bleak winter in a dark forest.

Sixteen year-old Saffelia has a problem for which she cannot ask her friends for help. Concealing the origin of her mysterious blackouts is becoming a constant struggle as she approaches her final year at St Oliver Plunkets.

When she takes a camping trip into the Snowfall Grove, she and her friends unwittingly encounter several new intruders who disrupt their idyllic expedition. To their horror, on return to school they discover the intruders have joined the teaching staff. So begins a year of oppression, fakery and a toxic battle to close down freedom of speech on their school newspaper, The Oracle. Classes on Romantic poetry split their year down the middle as a gender battle breaks out among the students. But Saffelia has a much darker concern – she knows something about one of the teachers no-one else does, and confiding this secret could tear her fragile world apart. Will she find the courage to face her hidden shame?

This is a gripping and twisty thriller about a secret plot to exploit young people set in the environs of a mysterious forest and a gothic school. Fans of Paula Hawkins, Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larsson will enjoy this book.

Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove is the second novel in Dominic Jericho’s coming-of-age series, and explores how friendship can withstand misplaced authority, amid the destructive seduction of Romantic poetry.

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Reviews for Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove:

Rarely does a second book deserve the same praise as the first… This one does, without a doubt.
Danny and his friends are back for more! This book draws on the first, but the story is more than strong enough to support itself as a stand alone book. The author has captured the trials and tribulations of adolescence beautifully, and it’s great to see the relationships developing realistically. I love the little throw backs to literary greats, and it’s nice to see that the “geeky kids” have a chance to shine here without an ugly duckling storyline. Fantastic second instalment, what will Danny do next?!
Katie Harper

Beautifully written and sucks you in to memories and feelings of adolescence.
Amy Du Quesne

This book is written almost as beautiful poetry.