Timothy Gaunt and the Wigginton Grave

‘Save me and crave me and blame me and rave me and play me and wave me and flavour me and name me and blame me and dream of me all the time on our sacred isle on our sacred isle yeah yeah. Hands in the air salute the sky welcome the moonlight as we swallow our sapphire starlight.’

This is a dark story of brotherhood and betrayal set in a small North Yorkshire village in a damp cold winter in the late 1990s.

Tim Gaunt and Danny Canterbury take a summer trip to Ibiza to escape the shackles of full-time education, and the brewing crimes occurring at home in Amberleigh. Embarking on the summer holiday of a lifetime, these two proxy brothers cannot wait to explore the nightlife, booze and girls together. However at the end of the trip it becomes clear only one of them can be victorious in his romantic quest.

Back home, Tim becomes seduced by sex, drugs and rock and roll, and drops out of his university course to get a job and play in a band. However the new path he has chosen proves unpredictable. As his new, older girlfriend begins to dominate him, old ghosts start to reemerge and he come face to face with demons from his past. Unable to predict where this new path will lead him, and confused by the strains put on his friendship with Danny, Tim becomes persuaded to join forces with a group of criminals intent on wreaking havoc not just in North Yorkshire, but Amberleigh too. As Tim begins to fathom the enormity of the decision he has taken, is he able to resist the unwitting betrayal lying in wait to claim his future, or can he uncover the concealed road to redemption?

In the penultimate book of Dominic Jericho’s coming-of-age series, Timothy Gaunt and the Wigginton Grave leads Danny’s long-time best friend to an earth-shattering revelation about his present identity and his future fate.

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